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This bizarre, multi-horned, wooly, white beast is said to stalk the forested areas of Virginia and West Virginia, and remains one of the most enigmatic, large mammals as yet undiscovered in the wilds of the U.S.

The border between southwest Virginia and West Virginia is a densely forested mountainous region dotted with old coal mines and deep, dark, dangerous forests. The region is shrouded in mystery and rich in folklore, but few legends are more unusual and intriguing than that of the creature known to the locals as “Sheepsquatch.” – Via

It should also be noted that Alabama has its very own WHITE THING, which is an uncannily similar to the shaggy, shrieking quadruped that allegedly lives in the rural Virginias. This beast is said to have lurked in the once thickly forested area surrounding an area known, ironically perhaps, as Happy Hollow Road.

Maybe these creatures represent the same (or at least similar) species of animals. Or should we consider the possibility that, following the urban encroachment that ruined its once isolated Alabama home, this animal — or, more likely, animals — migrated from its former habitat to the less populated Appalachian Mountains of West and southwestern Virginia?