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Did You Know There Is A Reward Of $1,000,000 For Anyone Who Can Prove Ghosts Are REAL?

On November 5, 2013 by admin

During the year of 2003, a very peculiar claim has been made by James Randi, a magician and author of hundreds of books disproving the paranormal. He was curious to find out whether ghosts and people with extraordinary abilities really exist. So, what he did was to offer the amazing prize of $1,000,000 to any person or persons who can demonstrate their supernatural abilities in a controlled and monitored environment. Ghostbusters grab your gear!

Unfortunately, similar to any game or show that gives away huge prizes there are some restricting rules that need to be followed by the applicants. For example, if a person claims they can bend spoons they wouldn’t be able to use their own spoons. If a person sees auras they also have to be able to prove it in a video-monitored controlled environment.

There are a lot of different organizations putting out there in the world similar claims. Whether they are actually seeking the truth or it is just another publicity stunt we are yet to find out.