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The story of Mamie Thurman.

On October 27, 2013 by admin

On June 22, 1932, the body of a young woman was found slain on 22 Mine Road in Logan, WV. Not only was her neck broken, but her throat had been cut from ear to ear. She had also been shot twice in the head at close range, leaving her face burned. Next to her body was a purse filled with money, so police ruled out robbery. This woman was identified as Mamie Thurman.

The manner and brutality of her murder was a shock to the citizens of the small, quiet towns in southern West Virginia. The arrest and eventual conviction of a handyman raised many questions in Logan, as the investigation involved several prominent citizens. The trial resulted in standing room only with many spectators bringing chairs and basket lunches to the court proceedings.

Mamie Thurman’s death certificate filed at the courthouse states she was buried at Logan Memorial Park in McConnell. Harris Funeral Home records show that her body was transported to Bradfordsville, Kentucky. However, the cemetery in Kentucky has no record of the interment of Mamie’s body. It is also said that during the night, days after her funeral, a prominent businessman from Logan paid $1000 to have her body moved to a Chauncey cemetery. It remains a mystery to this day just where Mamie Thurman was buried and if the man convicted in her death was actually her murderer.

According to Logan County folklore, many claim that Mamie Thurman’s ghost wanders the hills, searching for the person who took her life. Others say that her spirit is still there, waiting for justice. Some claim to have seen her while passing by the Holden 22 Mountain Mine road. Folklore even tells that certain coal truck drivers would pick up a woman wearing outdated clothing, only to see her vanish from the cab moments later. Another local legend purports that if you put your car in neutral on 22 Mountain, it will appear to roll backward up the hill. This is said to be the spirit of Mamie Thurman pulling you up the hill.

Also check out this creepy Animated short film paying truibute to Mamie Thurman.

About the machinima [SPOILERS]:
“In this particular video, a young [fictional] girl came across a woman one summer day. The woman appeared sad and lonely, but she quickly turned to leave the girl. The young girl chased after her only t find that she had vanished. Years later, the young girl –now a young woman– awakens, suddenly remember her childhood experience. She then does some research about local ghost stories and learns that the ghost she had encountered was Mamie Thurman.

Impulsively, she decides to drive up to 22 Mine road, unsure of what to do if she found Mamie. As she approaches her, Mamie disappears and possesses her body while she is caught off guard (this is indicated by the girl’s eyes changing from blue to Mamie’s brown).

Mamie then uses her body to escape where her spirit is confined and finally confront her murderer, only to find that he is already dead. (Side note: Thurman was having an affair before she was murdered. It is likely that her husband murdered her after finding out. Hey, you don’t slash someone’s throat and shoot them twice unless you have a grudge.) Mamie abandons the girl in cemetery and returns to 22 Mine road as lonely and vengeful as ever.

Later, the girl returns to Mamie, blood-splattered. Mamie’s burned face is revealed and a flashback shows Mamie’s abandoned body from years ago and reveals that the girl was discovered by a group of guys and had been raped and murdered.

At the end, the two ghosts disappear as day breaks, being able to spend a miserable and hateful eternity together.”