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VIDEOS: Haunted Locations In West Virginia

On October 27, 2013 by admin

Numerous locations throughout West Virginia boast extraordinary paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal Quest® A Family Haunted | Moundsville, WV

The PQ Team receives a case from renowned paranormal investigator Chris Dedman. The stories told to the team by the family told a story of fear and suffering. Upon investigation the guys capture one of there most compelling pieces of paranormal evidence.

Most Haunted – S12E03 – West Virginia State Penitentiary

Paranormal Activity in West Virginia

Follow the Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society as they hunt ghosts at Moundsville State Prison; bigfoot hunters in Dolly Sods with Virginia Sasquatch Watch; and Point Pleasant’s mysterious Mothman.

Ghost of Silver Run Haunted Train Tunnel, North Bend Rail Trail, West Virginia

The Legend of The Ghost of Silver Run Haunted Train Tunnel (No. 19), is a mystery and not easily dismissed as scary superstition. History has recorded several crossings of a beautiful girl dressed in white and the engineers of the old B&O Railroad that now makes up the North Bend Rail Trail. They had witnessed “a beautiful woman with raven hair and long white gown, standing in the middle of the tracks at the far end of the tunnel.”

In the late 1880s a young lady disappeared from the night train making her way to Parkersburg to be married. In one instance, the engineer brought his train to a screeching halt, and yet another, running his train directly through the ghostly apparition. After reaching Parkersburg, he was informed that telegraph messages from all along the line had reported “that a young woman in a white gown was riding on the cowcatcher”, but no one was to be found. I looked for the scary ghost in this haunted tunnel when I went on my bike ride.

The Haunted Silver Run Train Tunnel dates back to the Civil War era and is approximately 1,376 feet in length and is lined mostly in brick. It is about 4 miles west of Cairo, WV on the North Bend Rail Trail. READ MORE

Mamie Thurman Experiment – Logan County, WV

Read about the story of Mamie Thurman.

West Virginia’s Haunted Amusement Park

The ghost tales and sightings come fast and furious from the lips of the owner of West Virginia’s “Haunted Amusement Park” near Princeton, W.Va. Gaylord White is the master of ectoplasmic ceremonies at the supposedly ghost-ridden park, filled with the vine-ridden corpses of a Ferris wheel and a swing ride on which a little girl once died – and still haunts, White says. Not to mention the potential ghostly visitations by a host of American Indian ghosts who used to have villages here. Take a visit to the park in this Charleston Gazette video and then hear White’s claims for it in a companion story at The video was shot and produced by Kathryn Gregory and Douglas Imbrogno. (Photo via Dean Jeffrey)

The WV Presents “The Telltale Lilac Bush” Webisode #20 – THE GHOST OF GAMBLE’S RUN

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