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What is a Abbagoochie?

On November 5, 2012 by admin

The abbagoochie (pronounced abba-GOO-cheez) is a fierce little creature resembling a cross between an owl, a fox, and a deer. It is indigenous to Costa Rica, where people refer to it as a “dryland piranha” because it will eat anything, including creatures far larger than itself such as horses and cows. If cornered, an abbagoochie will consume itself “in a devilish whirlwind” rather than allow itself to be captured. They mate only once every 6 ½ years.

In 1999, in an ill-considered move, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) introduced thirteen baby Abbagoochies from Costa Rica into West Virginia in order to keep down the population of overpopulated predators such as coyotes and rattlesnakes. But soon, as reported by Jim Wilson of the Webster Echo in February 2001, the abbagoochie itself multiplied out of control and began attacking livestock. Soon after Wilson’s article appeared, sightings of Abbagoochies began occurring throughout the region. Some farmers began carrying shotguns in order to protect their livestock. Concerned parents walked their kids to the schoolbus to make sure they were safe. And one man reported that he had accidentally run over an abbagoochie. –

Do You Believe In The Abbagoochie?

Where does the “kid” in us go as we grow older, or are there vestiges left of monsters that go bump in the night, and frighten us outta our skins? Do we openly or secretly want to believe that intelligent life exists on other planets and UFO’s are the products of their advanced technology? That Bigfoot is real, the Loch Ness creature exists? And other such things that go bump in the night?

Or, are we too withered and dried up- too set in our thinking to believe any of the above is possible?

Well, I am a West Virginia native approaching my 69th year on this planet who thought he was set in his beliefs, but I know for a fact there is a creature in our state that is so scary and elusive that it defies logical explanation.

I even know its name. It is called the Abbagoochie!

My name is Jim Wilson and I am a reporter for the Webster Echo in Webster County. I have been investigating this monster since 2001. I exposed the “Top Secret Government Project” in February of that year. My investigation revealed that top officials of the WVDNR Wildlife Division met secretly with top officials of the Costa Rican government, which resulted in the introduction of 13 Abbagoochies into the wilds of our state in 1999.


What Is An Abbagoochie?

How did they get here…and who brought them???

Costa Rican natives call Abbagoochies “dry land piranhas” because of their insatiable appetites. They are only about three feet long and weigh an average of 35 pounds as adults. But they are all teeth and muscle and can consume many times their own weight in a days’ feeding. The elusive part of their makeup is rather than risk capture by human beings; Abbagoochies, if cornered, will spin and twirl like a Tasmanian Devil and consume themselves- like poof, they’re gone! Wildlife authorities in Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Canada, as well as West Virginia, have studied these creature’s habits since 2001 and believe these mammals are highly intelligent and willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect a secret society that was heretofore unknown to exist in Mammalia. They were brought into W.Va. by wildlife officials in order to eradicate nuisance animals such as coyotes, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, lady bugs, locusts and a small wolf population.
Rumors exist, but denied by wildlife personnel, that the DNR traded whitetail deer and turkey to western states for the coyotes, mountain lions and wolves. Later, they regretted these trades because the transplanted animals were decimating farmer’s livestock to the point of oblivion and bankruptcy. Added to the fact was the WVDNR was paying out tens of thousands of dollars to farmer’s official claims of destroyed livestock. Thus, the introduction of the Abbagoochie into W.Va’s wilds and the secrecy behind same. But, the best laid plans of man and Abbagoochies oft goes astray. Since their placement in 1999, the smallish monsters have consumed everything they were brought in to destroy- but also thrive on livestock and family pets. A Field & Stream editor asked WVDNR game biologist, Jim Evans, if the Abbagoochies attacked humans. Evans replied,”People are disappearing. Draw your own conclusion.” I invite readers to ask questions or add information about the Abbagoochie.

What is the current status of these creatures?

Several Local, State and Federal agencies are secretly carrying on operations to eradicate these creatures, mainly in West Virginia, as we speak. These agencies have continued to deny their existence in West Virginia, as to acknowledge them would be to uncover a HUGE DNR and Government blunder.

On Thanksgiving Day 2008, my father reveals to me what he really knows about these ferocious creatures, despite being sworn to secrecy by State and Federal Officials in a May 15, 2008 mandatory meeting held by these same government personnel.

This disclosure puts me in a position I don’t initially want to be in. My torment, anguish and confusion is intense. It is a struggle between perceived reality and factual falsehoods.

Join me as I set out on this journey to validate or discount the information which my father so painstakingly revealed. This pursuit of the truth puts me in several mind-twisting encounters with both civilian and government personnel, before the truth is known. It becomes a factual reality.

Significant increase in Missing Person reports from several West Virginia counties catch the attention of the West Virginia State Police, who in turn contact the FBI. The FBI soon assigns a small Task Force, disguised as fishermen and hunters, to find, kill and extinguish the remaining Abbagoochies.

This Task Force repeatedly comes up empty handed and now the government is becoming increasingly agitated and worried about the looming potential of mass hysteria. The FBI turn this Abbagoochie threat over to the Department of Homeland Security in 2004, who heighten the intensity of this hunt.

In the light of circumstantial happenstance and inside maneuvers, follow along as my daughter and I dedicate our lives to the eradication of the Abbagoochies…

These hunts and updates can be followed on our official Abbagoochie Blog. –